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December 2013

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Adopt a Pet

Adopting a shelter pet is a great opportunity for years of enjoyment and companionship.  In addition to fulfilling your own life, adoption saves a life! 

There are many opportunites within our own community to find that "forever friend".  Indianapolis has three animal shelters that may just have that perfect dog or cat for you.   You can check them out here:

Another option is adoption through an in home foster program.  The largest group in Indianapolis is Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO).  ARPO has all ages and varieties of dogs and cats.  You can find more information here:  ARPO WEBSITE

Additionally, there are rescue groups that takein full breed dogs and cats.  You can find these groups through www.petfinder.com


Adoption requires a serious comittment to the lifetime of a pet!  Before adopting, please review some tips on choosing the right dog and caring for your new companion to ensure a smooth transaction into your home.